13 July 2022 / 10:00-12:00 AM (UTC-4) 


Council: Elation Studios, Ryan, Phantz Club, Song Sjun, Sash | Elacity, MButcho – Nenchy, Rebecca Zhu, Strawberry Council, PG Bao, Jingyu, infi

Secretariat: Cassie, Greg




  • TLGG Analysis Update
  • Business continuity plan and CR consensus changes
  • LLC and admin cost


** Bullets denote reporter information and replies to queries. Initials/names indicate questions/ideas raised.

TLGG Analysis Update – Elation


Business continuity plan and CR consensus changes – MButcho

  • Re-written, starting with 12, not 24.
  • Wishes to make a full proposal for voting if there are no further points to add.
  • 10k ELA worst case for a year of emergency node running.


RZ – when will these need to be activated?

  • Keep the nodes at 30 minimum, until 12 spare nodes are used. If all 12 are used then a new proposal is needed.

RZ – trade-off between cost and maintaining continuity.

  • The nodes on standby are much lower cost, but this increases when live.

RZ – 25 as a threshold?

  • MB to communicate to Cassie as and when it is needed. A buffer is needed.
  • 20 standby nodes agreed by RZ and MB.

LLC and admin cost – Elation

  • Delaware legal entity for CRC – big success.
  • Needed for TLGG, K&L and market making, Coinbase, etc.
  • LLC costs:
    • Local agent (paid yearly).
    • Tax implications.
    • Audits.
  • Ryan took on a lot of responsibility. Now the risk is removed. Should be compensated for last term and for the future.
  • Wanted CR Sec to take this on as the legal representative and take on the management of the LLC, but this was not included in the CR Sec work plan.
  • New proposal incoming to cover the administrative responsibilities and costs for managing the LLC.


CZ – The CR Sec shouldn’t be expected to be getting involved at that level..

  • Whitepaper says it should be. Interpretation. Agree to disagree on who should or shouldn’t do it.
  • Agreed that it is something that needs compensation, not as another layer of responsibility without a budget.

RZ – The Sec is to support and not to be responsible.

CZ – Shouldn’t be taking on financial liability.

  • As a team the Sec is less likely to be a point of failure for a DAO than one seat holder.
  • Optics – why is a lone seat managing the LLC?

Sash – not comfortable taking on the risk/liability. More research needed as to who does have such a role in other DAOs.


TLGG analysis update – Elation

  • Task force to create a plan of action not execution.
    • Needs:
      • Team.
      • Budget.
      • Responsibilities.

Consensus changes – MB/Sash

  • E-lab for voting on the bounties and incentives.
  • M&N to consult with Sash about any tweaks to the compensation for CR Council.

AMA with Elk Finance – Sash

  • Thanks to all participants.
  • Successful team effort. These are the things that make Elastos shine.
  • Elacity, Glide, CreDA, FilDA, Rong and Cassie all took part.


  1. TLGG organizational analysis task force meeting