20 July 2022 / 10:00-12:00AM (UTC-4) 


Council: Elation Studios, Ryan, Song Sjun, Sash | Elacity, MButchy – Nenchy, DR, Rebecca Zhu, Strawberry Council, PG Bao, infi

Secretariat: Cassie, Greg


Jingyu, Phantz


  • AMAs from CRC members
  • Business continuity plan


AMAs from CRC members – M&N

  • Each CR member should do an AMA or be more available within the community.


Fakhul – There are language issues which makes it unfair to expect contributions in English during an AMA. Maybe the AMA could be quarterly? Last year there was a problem with council members taking it in turn to host the council meetings.

Nenchy: It should include all council members.

Mark – Quarterly is a good idea, any more frequently might be hard for everyone to contribute.

Infi – Where to host it is important. Who is the audience? CN or EN? A translator is required, for both parties..

Bao – Supports the idea for connecting CR with community through AMAs.

DR –  I wouldn’t be opposed to monthly AMA, either individually or as a group, but many of us are already incorporated into the EN community chats (Telegram and Discord). It’s just a matter of what topics we can cover regarding confidentiality concerns we agree to.

People shouldn’t have to think that our meetings are a secret meeting that our purpose is to run the show behind a curtain. We are their elected officials. They deserve the right to know (to an extent) the going ons. The language barrier can be an issue as can the time zone.  

Rebecca – Topics would be needed, not just random chat. 

Ryan – A quarterly Twitter Spaces would be good perhaps. The more CR members involved the better. Maybe we could add some core team voices? Crypto is cool because the community includes the developers and their intentions, this is something that Elastos can do more of.

Sash – Outcomes are always positive from communications as it helps align all stakeholders. Monthly would be better than quarterly.

Shijun – Community involvement is always good.

Business continuity plan – M&N


Shijun – Mostly fine with the idea. But a concern is that the funding is held by the Secretariat alone. This is a single point of failure.

M&N – What is a solution? Maybe the multi-sig will solve this?

DR –  I have supported and put through the vote on-chain. Very good proposal that’s needed as a fail-safe mechanism.

Shijun/Rebecca – DPoS 2.0 will be live on testnet in mid-August. So it will be ready for full deployment in Sept or Oct (approx.) ELA price needs to rise before DPoS 2.0 switchover otherwise the return for the nodes is too low?

It feels like it’s too risky for one individual to hold the funds.

M&N – What price for ELA is needed for DPoS 2.0? The concerns about the keys should have come out sooner. How else can we hold the funds for these backup nodes?

Fakhul – Is the issue only when the backups are required? And it’s only for a small amount of ELA. Is it a real concern?

infi/Rebecca – If the price increases then what to do with all the extra budget? It can be returned to the treasury, as the CR Sec has done in the past for example. It’s a problem that all proposals face – the proposers take the risk with price fluctuations.

Meeting minutes – Cassie

  • Community requesting to see the minutes from CR biweekly meetings.
  • Should we? Do we redact confidential elements?


Sash – Release them but ensure that confidentiality is maintained. Redact as needed.

Fakhul – Redaction by consensus in the next meeting and share them.

Song – Share them.

M&N – Support redaction plan.

Rebecca – Support redaction plan.

DR – Support redaction plan.

Bao – Support redaction plan.


CR member incentives on Elab – Sash

  • The referendum for the proposal is supported even though the voter turnout was low.
  • However it did help avoid the conflict of interest.


DR –  For ELAB, people might be turned off by KYC needs.

Sash – With such low engagement encouraging Discord ID via MButcho as a non-KYC way might be worth pushing more.

DR – Elastos DID should be enough to vote on Elab, maybe?

Sash – Tiered systems for voting could be introduced? With vote weighting maybe? DID/Social credential/KYC etc.


  1. AMA with Kairon Labs on Info Twitter – Elation
    1. Strong council attendance requested for Twitter Spaces with Info Team and Kairon Labs