10 August 2022 / 10:00-12:00AM (UTC-4) 


Council: Elation Studios, Ryan, Song Sjun, Sash | Elacity, MButcho – Nenchy, strawberry Council, DR, PG Bao, infi

Secretariat: Cassie, Greg


Phantz Club, Rebecca Zhu, Jingyu


  • Vitrim suggestion
  • About the future plan of ELAB program
  • Silver Starter Project
  • Listing ESC on SaitaPro


Vitrim suggestion (Dan and Hiro attended for Vitrim)

  • https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/62ef8c0904223900785d1408
  • Vitrim is an NFT marketplace that allows trading of assets on ESC. They are also exploring the idea of going cross-chain. They want to enable bridging NFTs from other chains to drive users to Elastos.
  • A Vitrim v3 is being built that offers a “launchpad” where NFTs can be minted in bulk without needing to have technical knowledge. It will be designed so that in a few clicks anyone can mint a whole collection.
  • Funding will be used for development, and also for security audits for Vitrim v3 when it is released.


Infi – After development what is the plan to operate the platform?

Vitrim: A DAO is planned to empower the community and a token will also be launched – VitCoin. This token will be used for governance

Other opportunities planned include:

  • Hackathons via the DAO -open source challenges to develop Vitrim further from the DAO treasury.
  • Using DIDs for verifying users.
  • Bridging NFTs to ESC for all marketplaces – only bridging into Elastos to begin with.

Vitrim has also talked with Polygon and Fantom and is waiting to hear from them – they claimed that it was hard to make contact with other ecosystems.

Elation – What is the USP of Vitrim? (vs Elacity, Pasar) What is special about Vitrim? What is the launchpad? How does DID help with other chains? Are artists coming to Vitrim? Do you need the funding for the other chain launches?


  • Launchpad – allows NFT collections to be created en masse without code knowledge.
  • The NFT bridge.
  • DIDs aren’t possible on other chains.
  • Tezos contact was made, but they didn’t want to join a smaller community.
  • No artists signed up yet.
  • Funding is not for launching on other chains.

Cassie  – Elastos DIDs can be used away from ESC. Pasar on Eth and Fusion already implemented this.

About the future plan of ELAB program – MButcho

  • Elab should be paused while the community is so disengaged and/or integrated into CR as a “referendum” option.


Elation – Specific KPIs for future updates would be valuable. Changing the rules now that ELab is live may look bad.

Cassie – The running of the programme needs to align with the proposal for Elab.

Song – Sec can track the funding from Elab approved proposals. The community can monitor this themselves.

Elation – Elab team can pass info to Sec for tracking.

Next steps:

Wait for MButcho to speak on this as he was unavailable during this session.

Silver Starter Project

  • Where is it? What are they working towards?


Elation – Have they vanished? Has anyone heard from them?

Cassie  – How the platform operates is outside the scope of the proposal.

Ryan – Building something that isn’t used is a waste of money. Users are key to the success of a project or proposal. Business plans need to be included in proposals. Business continuity outlines can help to stop wasting DAO funds.

Song – There is no revenue generation potential for projects to use SilverStarter once launching on ESC (at this point).

Elation – Can the Secretariat use their technical advisor to assess dev costs vs funding requested?

Cassie – Estimations for dev time are possible for development funding proposals in future.

SaitaPro listing


Cassie – It seems to be a pure suggestion rather than a “suggestion leading to a proposal”.



Action Items

  1. MButcho to speak briefly about Elab next time.