19th October 2022 / 09:00-11:00AM (UTC-5)


Council: Elation Studios, Sash | Elacity, PG Bao, Ryan, Rebecca Zhu, Song Sjun, DR, Infi, Phantz, M&N, Jingyu

Secretariat: Cassie, Greg


Strawberry Council


  1. Elavation update
  2. ENS governance (should the CRC take the lead on this?)
  3. LLC Tax advisory/filings


1) Elavation update – Elation

  • Elavation will give a biweekly update to EF and CRC (in CRC biweekly and separately with EF)
  • One single report for Elavation funding/budgeting


Cassie – What is the breakdown on EF and CRC spending?

Fakhul – Let’s spend some time together so the report can be useful for all parties and shows the required information.

2) ENS governance (should the CRC take the lead on this?)

  • It looks like the same ENS address can be bought for .ela
  • Example: fakhul.ela – is this unique?
  • And should CRC take a lead regarding official versions.
  • ENS and DID could be considered competitors as it currently stands.
  • The council agreed that they will take no action regarding ENS. DID remains the preferred identification for Elastos.


MButcho – Multiple are possible but the creators can just disappear. NFT versions are owned forever. Others are on subscription.

Fakhul – Is it problematic that Essentials has supported them?

Song Sjun/Jingyu – It shouldn’t be managed by CRC so as to be decentralized. Trinity is a community project and the decision they make regarding the partnerships they take on is their own. For name services as much as anything.

Cassie – The name service that Essentials supports is up to the Essentials team.

3) LLC Tax advisory/filings

  • CRC needs to file taxes for the year.
  • A firm has been recommended as experienced in the space as a CPA with a legal background too.


Cassie – We shall discuss this next time after the letter has been reviewed by everyone.




  1.  Review minutes