2023 officially started with a bang throughout the entire crypto space. Bitcoin was named the year’s best asset by Goldman Sachs. The whole market has been steadily increasing despite claims from legacy investors like Peter Schiff and Jim Cramer to avoid the space. Elastos and Cyber Republic will continue to build their ecosystem in 2023. NFT marketplace and multimedia project Elacity officially released a new update, delivering on many promises it made in its previous proposal. 

CR Secretariat will officially continue its services, guiding CRC and community updates regarding proposals. B&D and Growth experts from the Elavation Team provided KPIs and updates on their Proposal to the Council. Elastos Digerati continued the work of the former Elastos Info Team and produced a lot of engaging content. Finally, CR Herald passed a proposal to continue their services for the Eastern community. 

Proposal 79- Elacity Web 3 Data Exchange CRC Proposal

Elacity is a non-custodial Web 3 Data Exchange project that has brought an NFT marketplace to Elastos. It utilizes the ESC protocol to create offers, fixed sales, and auction NFTs, hosting all its data on IPFS and allowing anyone to generate personal collections for a small fee. Over the past two months, Elacity has grown to have over 3000 NFT assets available, successfully facilitating over 47,073 ELA in trade volume. The goal for the next phase of development is to use the full Elastos tech stack to offer a unique marketplace and protocol that leverages DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, Hive Layer 2 storage, and a Content Delivery Network. The creators of Elacity requested funding from the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) for further development and business expansion. Payment is only received if all Elastos tech gets implemented into the protocol; if not, the CR bears no risk in compensating the Team.

The Team recently launched Elacity 1.7.0, a revolutionary step forward in building a fully-realized Web 3 Cloud City platform. With a brand new homepage featuring an OS-like interface and new districts such as Market, Playground, Cinema, and Social, Elacity is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of decentralized technology. Their focus on user experience shines through in updates to the UI and UX, including a new format for filtering through NFTs, an infinite scroll feature, and the ability to filter through DIDs and verifiable credentials on the shop’s page.

But that’s not all. Elacity is proud to announce a 50% reduction in GPU costs, making it more accessible than ever. And with the ability to purchase GPU on multiple blockchain networks, Elacity is truly a platform for the future. Elacity’s vision continues beyond there. With plans for a dApp store, NFT trading across multiple chains, and a foundation built on Elastos DID and Essentials Superwallet, Elacity is paving the way for a decentralized future where users have complete control over their own data and identities.

Proposal 82- Secretariat Work Plan Proposal 

Back in July of 2022, the Secretariat crafted a six-month Proposal requesting a budget to support the operations of the CR Secretariat. The plan’s main goals included providing transparent updates to the community and regularly updating the Council on the status of active proposals. Other responsibilities include building communication channels for Council members, managing social media, releasing CR Monthly reports in both English and Chinese, providing transparent financial updates on the CR Treasury, and releasing announcements/blogs on the CR website.

As this proposal has come to a close, the CR Treasury received unspent funds of 10,251 ELA from the Secretariat. 

Cassie Z, the CR Secretariat, recently proposed to continue the work covering CRC activity and coordination. This Proposal will continue the prior Proposal #82 except with a much lower budget. Based on market conditions and the price of ELA, the Secretariat and her team requested fewer funds to operate. The Secretariat will continue to focus on proposal follow-up, facilitating internal communication among Council members, and providing a transparent overview of the CRC.

Proposal 97 Elastos Elavation- A new growth team providing dedicated Business Development, Ecosystem Strategy and Marketing

Last September, the Business Development and Growth group Elavation devised a 4-piece Proposal to impact the project. The proposal requested funding from the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) to fund a dedicated growth team partially focused on three key pillars: Business Development, Marketing & PR, and Strategic Ecosystem Alignment. The group aims to align and streamline the Elastos ecosystem, raise awareness of the Elastos ecosystem, drive new users, products, and investments to the ecosystem, and lead to ELA price appreciation. 

The proposal states that Elastos technology is ready for commercialization but needs a go-to-market strategy and execution expertise. The proposal also cites deficiencies in leadership, operational excellence, and trust, as identified in a recent organizational analysis. It states that the Elastos Foundation expects to dissolve by year-end 2023, making it necessary for core teams to become self-sufficient.

The Elavation Team recently shared KPIs with the Core team and Council. The Secretariat also completed a full audit report of Team Elavation’s work and presented it to the Council.

Proposal #106- CR Herald Team the maintenance of Chinese community and Chinese PR content promotion

CR Herald is a China-based journalism team that covers the Elastos ecosystem. They have been creating content for the last handful of years. In summary, Proposal #106 requests support from the CRC to continue the long-term maintenance of the Chinese community, Chinese content promotion, and business development in the Chinese market. The CR Herald team will maintain and manage Chinese social channels or groups, promote important technical nodes and products, and create and disseminate Elastos-related content. 

They will also focus on building media relations, optimizing search engine rankings, and expanding partnerships with key exchanges, mining pools, Chinese media, and independent evaluation agencies. The goal is to continue providing relevant services and content for the Chinese community and promoting the Elastos project in the Chinese market.

Proposal 103- Elastos Digerati Team contributes content to Info Website and various social media channels

Elastos Digerati concocted a Proposal in December of 2022 to enhance the Elastos community’s access to up-to-date information and marketing for the Elastos project. Secretariat Cassie Z leads the team with members Jeremy, Bigp-Paul, Michael, and Vegas Mike. The group is ultimately responsible for maintaining the Elastos.info website, producing valuable content on Elastos technology and ecosystem projects, managing Elastos’ social media channels, and conducting AMA to promote the Elastos project and increase the awareness of Elastos. With a deep understanding of the Elastos and CR ecosystem, as well as strong connections with the CR Council and core components developers, the Elastos Digerati Team aims to make Elastos.info the most comprehensive website for the Elastos project and bring Elastos to the forefront of the blockchain industry.

Digerati started the new year with a bang coming out with numerous articles and an exciting new contest. The first article highlighted the team members of Elastos Digerati with some background and exciting information about their history with the Elastos project. The second article analyzed the Elastos tech stack and how it will create a genuine personalized website without needing centralized entities and third parties. 

The third article delved into the Elastos Superwallet Essentials and how it truly protects and manages data better than the competition. The team came up with a unique contest giving the community the task of collaborating with a fellow Web 3 project Nostr, and how the two could make a true decentralized social media and messaging service for all.


Is the crypto industry amid a bear market rally, or is this the start of a new bull market? The fact is that no one truly knows the answer. Whatever cycle we are in, Cyber Republic and Elastos are ready to make the year 2023 its hallmark period. In the coming months, the Elastos tech stack will be ripe for implementation in numerous fashions. 

Projects like Elacity, Essentials, Feeds, and others will stand out from the pack as the proper Web 3 solution for the people. Groups like Elavation, Digerati, and CR Herald will be working to ensure the project is making the most out of its capabilities and keeping the community abreast of all the newest developments. It’s still building season and all hands are on deck to make CR and Elastos the go-to platform for non-centralized options in which you can truly secure your digital destiny.