22 February 2023 / 09:00-11:00AM (UTC-5) 


Council: Elation Studios, Ryan, M&N, PG Bao, Rebecca Zhu, Sash

Secretariat: Cassie, Greg


Jingyu, Song Sjun, Infi, Strawberry Council, Phantz, DR


  1. Gempad
  2. CR Website maintenance
  3. Incentive program for Elastos consensus


1) Gempad

  • Couldn’t attend today
  • Cassie shared their pitch deck in Council TG group
  • They are reducing their funding ask to 10k ELA


Ryan – We don’t need it.

2) CR Website Maintenance

  • The core team won’t be continuing this maintenance as funding is ending.
  • It needs to move to community team control
  • Bocheng will provide the cost for hosting, WP, ProvenDB,emails,etc


Ryan – We need a breakdown of what they are actually doing. Is it on AWS?

Cassie – Will find out

MButcho – Give us the current situation and costs/requirements (me or Ryan) then we can assess the needs.

Fakhul – Should the CR Sec have ownership of this?

Cassie – I already own Info and Socials, is it wise for one entity to own everything?

Fakhul – CR Sec is acting on the CR’s behalf. Not actual ownership.

MButcho – Needs a separate proposal with a team to run this. A head can lead it, but the team is answerable to the CRC and the team must be self-sufficient. Should be no extra work for Cassie for this. The CR Council should own this, approve features and changes, and the payments for these. 

The Sec Gen should have control of the council.

Cassie – ELA is such a low price the development of the website is low priority. Maintenance is the only need for now.

Fakhul – From the Whitepaper – the Sec should be managing the website on behalf of CRC.

MButcho – How can we cut the fat? We have Elastos Info and this could be enough.

Fakhul – What’s the timeline?

Cassie – ASAP

MButcho – Let us know the details, or explore the needs, then a proposal can be made. Without the CR site there is no way to make DAO proposals. It is critical. Ryan or I can take over the technical hosting tasks for now.

3) Incentive program for Elastos consensus

  • Council discussed the EF’s plan for the ELA incentives and how they can line up with the launch of DPoS 2.0 (now BPoS – Bonded Proof of Stake)
  • Discussion details are redacted


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