5 April 2023 / 09:00-11:00AM (UTC-5) 


Council: Elation Studios, Ryan, M&N, Strawberry Council, Sash, Infi, Phantz, 

Secretariat: Cassie, Greg


Jingyu, Song Sjun, DR, PG Bao, Rebecca


  1. Elacity update
  2. Elastos Runtime suggestion


1) Elacity update and Elastos Runtime suggestion/proposal

Suggestion: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/641c1122cfe36200788daee1 – read this for the full scope of the Runtime that Elacity are building out for Elastos.

Now made into a proposal here: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/proposals/642eadd8ff77e50078345dfb

  • Introduced Anders – the CTO for Elacity.
  • The last 6 months were spent developing at speed, but also carefully – combining NFTs with DRM systems. Good progress has been made so far.
    • Access tokens have been created – enough for the global population made for less than 1c in 5s!
    • Currently it works for video right now, with various rules (buy, re-sell, etc.)
    • Allocation of fees for re-sell is very granular.
  • Data is fixed and encrypted in IPFS.
    • P2P trading for access tokens is possible.
  • ChatGPT was used to provide an overview of Elastos and it described Runtime as the Bouncer/Security for a Web3 as a “nightclub”. It’s a good analogy.
  • Elacity can be considered as a distributor for enterprise in the future.
    • APIs.
    • Standards as per Web2.
    • Distributor market.
  • IPFS could lead to higher costs for those without significant success.
    • Videos could become unavailable.
    • Our solution is about integrating the Elastos tech to give true data ownership using the Runtime.
      • Data distributed on the smartweb is yours.
      • Manage your own data for purchased assets/videos.
      • Choice is with the user.
  • World computer as a suite of tools.
    • Hard drive – Hive.
    • Processing – Blockchain
    • Apps – available through Runtime.
    • Internet connection (http) – Carrier.
    • Identity, login – DIDs.
  • But the Runtime is missing from this suite right now. The world computer aspect ties into the Elacity future as a world marketplace without the computer isn’t possible. So Runtime (RT) is needed to fill out the entire vision.
  • WASM is used to extract the license keys to the users so they can decrypt the data – decentralized keys.
  • ElastOS – a way to have a sandboxed place for p2p, torrent-like environment for a decentralized “blue ocean” protected way to earn crypto and run dApps using the WASM tools.
  • If no one else is going to make this RT work then we can do it.
    • RT is needed to deliver the Elastos whitepaper vision.
  • Ethereum as a world computer is just the engine – Elastos is the whole car.
  • Discussions with Elavation (particularly Jon) has opened eyes with regards to AI and marketplaces and how a world computer environment can be made that is inclusive and allows equitable earning opportunities. The AI economy is a huge opportunity for co-training models to use in Web3 by using DRM, Hive, DID etc.
    • All about empowering individuals.
    • Big for Elastos and big for the world.
    • Small steps today leading to great steps in the future.
  • If there are any other changes before we send it to proposal stage I would be delighted to address them so do let me know.


MButcho – 90% of original community members want to see the Elastos Runtime (RT) vision come to fruition. Overjoyed to see the original vision back on track. Question: Is a local download possible right now for videos? And can it be stolen if downloaded?

Sash – With DRM there can be embedded rights that will surmount these issues.

Sjun Song has asked whether the RT can leak data as it’s open sourced? Can a copy be made and used to steal the data?

We have a cryptographic system that allows for hashes to be used to check whether tampering has occurred.

Good questions and will be uncovered with further analysis and Rong is happy that a solution is possible.

Anders – Nothing is 100% safe but we can match or improve on the current standards. Dedicated and committed hackers can spend time to overcome these security frameworks.

MButcho – Local viewing and storage is needed to match current providers (Netflix, etc.) Yes you will research further but what about the simple screen-record copying? Could this be defended against?

For the best quality that can be downloaded and protected for less than the status quo (low cost) then users won’t try to steal. If too expensive then piracy is rife.

Anders – It is close to impossible to stop bootlegging, but the files can be protected.

Offline viewing is under review. ZK proofs or VC unlocking might be possible for x time.

The technical requirements and skills to overcome the security being built for the embedded keys and data will be considerable.

MButcho – We tried this before but it was killed by OS rules for apps. So is this different because it runs from a browser. Any browser.

Sash – Figma is an excellent example of this working methodology. Running the app locally using an online app that anyone can access (with permissions). Web Assembly launched in 2017, like Elastos, and it’s being accepted more and more. By using it to allow the Elastos tooling to shine, as it has support through its progress, it makes it easier for adoption. The WASM compiles and runs the programs that users need that are supported by the Elastos technology that complements it.

Ryan – How does upgradeability work for code packaged in WA? Can it be upgraded after issuing access tokens for it? App store for new version?

Anders – It depends on what is upgraded. If the RT is being updated then the newest RT will be loaded. Could use the RT default player. And the data capsule can have the required player packaged with it. Games, office apps would fall into needing this ability.

Sash – A data capsule update would also update with the required access tokens. There should be no need to update music or video. Lots of nuance and things to solve along the way.

Cassie – Very exciting suggestion. There has been a suggestion before from Elabox about creating a desktop version. Is there an overlap with the RT and Elabox?

Sash – We’ve spoken with the lead from Elabox a lot and we are very open to working with them to make this all happen. It’s a question of delivery. We’d like to see what Elabox has to bring to any collaboration. I have huge faith in our team and we are open to working with them.

Anders – Elabox would be a hardware way to access the RT. It also has an OS now, but no mention of an RT element. Running the RT through or on the Elabox would make sense.

Sash – Elacity is the monetization part, and the RT allows anyone to run their own shops, then Hive, Carrier etc., is the way to enable this. If you want to guarantee your shop is always open then run it on the Elabox. Or keep your browser open. Or run an RPi and load the RT on it and operate from there.

There have been challenges to overcome for them with the delivery problems first. Their research and understanding seems solid and now making sure everything runs and gets into user hands is the next thing to see.

MButcho – There are massive issues with RPis as they aren’t obtainable. There are cheaper and better options so perhaps it’s not really viable right now. There are some unhappy community members still waiting for their boxes.

Sash – Browser access is easy for everyone and I think everyone would prefer cloud services that are seamless and easy for everyone. Taking this a step further is the RT on a smart TV, in your car or any smart device (IoT, etc.) connected via Carrier with a DID – all communicating through RTs.

MButcho – This could be a chance for us to show just what Elastos is capable of. VC funding would find this attractive. Elastos isn’t really a crypto project, and this is a chance for us to go back to our roots.

Sash – We are here, Elacity, me and Anders are here to showcase Elastos as a whole before the funding runs out. Ecosystem projects are here to use the world computer now the basics are in place. An access economy is the goal using Web3 for fair participation. Bringing the Elastos tooling all together in the RT means all the toolsets can function as it was envisaged.

MButcho – Don’t create a token for Elacity. Find another way. Try to avoid the regulatory problems the US is unfurling for itself. Pre-mined tokens are to be avoided, like Glide. All tokens have been mined.

Sash – We are building core infrastructure for others to use. Elacity is an LLC. The big picture for Web3 is still being discovered, and the US is not the only place for Web3 at all – and the stance they are taking is alienating themselves from the rest of the Web3 innovations.

Seed rounds down a traditional funding route are avenues we are looking to open up in due course.

MButcho – How will the governance look?

Sash – This isn’t something that is set in stone and we’d like to create a whitepaper to outline this in the future. It needs a great deal of thought to make sure it is fair and beneficial to the future of Elacity and Elastos.


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