Welcome to the CR Monthly Update, your source for staying informed about the latest developments within the Cyber Republic Council (CRC) and the dynamic Elastos community. In this comprehensive report, we bring you insights into the ongoing initiatives, Proposal updates, financial status, and key activities facilitated by the CR Secretariat. Join us as we showcase groundbreaking technologies like DRM x NFT, presented by Elacity at MPEG 143 in Switzerland. Additionally, we will explore the recent status for Proposal #112, outlining the path towards creating a healthier and more collaborative decentralized gaming ecosystem with Elastos’ unique tech stack. 

Additionally, dive into the recently closed Proposal #104, detailing the return of ELA to CR and the retention of USD for future expenses. Lastly, discover Proposal #118, as we present the scope of work for the CR Secretariat, dedicated to supporting the CRC’s operations and fostering open communication between the Council and the Elastos community. Embrace transparency, innovation, and community engagement with the CR Monthly Update as we strive to build a stronger and more connected Cyber Republic.

Proposal #91 Elacity Digital Rights Management (DRM), unlocking a DRM powered NFT Video Sharing Platform and beyond

Proposal #91 covered how Elacity, a prominent Elastos-native web3 cloud destination, is pioneering a unique Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform on Elastos. This project, driven by NFTs and Elastos tech, reimagines content ownership and monetization in the web3 era. By integrating Elastos Smart Contract Chain, Elastos DID, Hive, and Carrier, Elacity aims to create an all-encompassing DRM solution for diverse media, software, documents, IoT, and more. This initiative not only strengthens the Elastos ecosystem but also shapes the future of DRM in web3.

Elacity presented their DRM x NFT technology at MPEG 143 in Switzerland that took place between July 17th-21st. During their presentation, they discussed their revolutionary digital ecosystem they aim to create, which will transform the creation, ownership, and trading of digital assets on the internet. The topics covered in their presentation included the integration of DRM (Digital Rights Management) with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology, which has the potential to revolutionize content distribution and ownership in the media and entertainment industries. 

This technology could offer new ways for creators and artists to protect their intellectual property while empowering users with true ownership of their digital assets. Elacity’s participation at MPEG 143 aimed to showcase their innovative approach and its potential impact on the future of digital content and media distribution.

Proposal #104- Cyber Republic LLC Request for Funds

Proposal #104 successfully led to the establishment of the CR as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This strategic move has granted CR the necessary flexibility to engage in various business activities and pursue initiatives aimed at solidifying its presence. The ongoing efforts of the CR DAO are consistently propelling the organization forward, enabling it to expand its reach both in the cryptocurrency realm and the broader real-world context.

The Proposal put forward includes two main actions. Firstly, it suggests returning 6,206 ELA to CRC. Secondly, it recommends retaining 3,589 USD in the LLC Bank account to prepare for future projected fees. The proposed funds will be used for various purposes, including self-service LLC Tax filing for the current year using the PKF template, covering expenses related to closing of the LLC DAO and LLC Bank Account, and addressing any residual LLC Bank account fees that may arise between the present time and the closure of the LLC. With all relevant aspects considered, this LLC Proposal has now been officially closed.

Proposal #112- ElastOS Runtime – reinstating the missing pillar with Elacity

Proposal #112 aimed to develop and integrate a WebAssembly (WASM) based Runtime within Elastos’ blockchain ecosystem. This month, the Secretariat has reviewed the deliverables provided by the Elacity Team and approved the first phase payments. At this point, the Team has successfully evaluated the necessary technologies, assessed compatibility, and experimented with early prototyping to validate the capabilities of WASM and Elastos.

A detailed architecture design for the ElastOS-powered WASM web app has been created, and essential components, such as the user interface and data management features, have been defined. The Team will continue to conduct related research on scalability, security, and user-friendliness. Overall, the Secretariat came to a decision to approve Phase 1 funding, as the deliverables demonstrate a strong understanding of the project’s requirements and lay a solid foundation for subsequent development phases.

Proposal #118- The CR Secretariat Work Plan (Aug 2023 to Jan 2024)

Proposal #118 presents the scope of work for the CR Secretariat as outlined in the previous Proposal #107 titled “The Secretariat Work Plan (Feb 2023 to July 2023)”. It includes additional responsibilities related to the CR website and community Proposals. The Proposal requests a six-month budget for the Secretariat’s operation from August 2023 to January 2024, aligning with the previous funding period. The main motivation behind the Secretariat’s role is to support the CRC’s operations, facilitate the implementation of CRC decisions, and handle relevant community matters. 

Over the next six months, the Secretariat aims to focus on tasks such as Proposal tracking, transparent status updates, internal and external communication facilitation, social media management, financial updates, website maintenance, and support for specific Proposals. The Proposal seeks to ensure a smooth and transparent functioning of the CRC and maintain effective communication between the Council and the wider Elastos community. The previous Secretariat Work Plan Proposal has now been closed. 


The CR Monthly Update offers a wealth of insights and takeaways based on the results of several Proposals. One notable highlight is the presentation of Elacity’s DRM x NFT technology at MPEG 143, which holds the potential to transform content distribution and empower creators with true ownership of their digital assets. The successful evaluation of Proposal 112 signifies a significant step towards building a more robust ecosystem utilizing the Runtime technology.

Additionally, the closure of Proposal #104 demonstrates prudent financial management, ensuring the appropriate allocation of funds for future expenses. Meanwhile, Proposal #118 outlines the CR Secretariat’s dedication to transparency and effective communication, bridging the gap between the CRC and the Elastos community. The CR Monthly Update underlines the collective efforts to foster innovation, accountability, and community collaboration within the Cyber Republic, driving us towards a stronger and more inclusive digital future.